November 20, 2019

Was it worth it? My First Alienware Computer

I have had my first Alienware computer for a few years, and it is time to move on, so I thought I would make a “was it worth it” video and tell you my experience with this computer. I hope you find this video helpful! This is an Alienware X51 R3 computer. The X51 line has been discontinued but they can still be found for sale used. To be clear, I think this is the weakest computer Alienware sold at the time, so this video is not about how well Alienware computers perform, but more about what it is like buying a computer vs building one. If you have any questions please ask!
Refurbished Keyboard
Bendy Tripod


1 thought on “Was it worth it? My First Alienware Computer

  1. first also thanks for the vid i was thinking on getting an alianware with a gtx 1050 ti but now i change my mind im gonna stay with my legion y7000p

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