February 27, 2020

Watch Tesla Unveil Its Full Self-Driving Computer In Under 5 Minutes

Tesla held an event for its investors called Autonomy Investor Day at its office in Palo Alto, CA. The event showcased software upgrades to the self-driving technology and new hardware called the Tesla FSD or Full-Self Driving computer.


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Watch Tesla Unveil Its Full Self-Driving Computer In Under 5 Minutes


31 thoughts on “Watch Tesla Unveil Its Full Self-Driving Computer In Under 5 Minutes

  1. Self driving cars are something that EVERY major car manufacturer is working on today. It has nothing to do with EV as such, so Tesla is just one player among others. Then why a player with 0.2% of the market has the muscles to compete with WV and Toyota, that are 60 times larger? My take is that this focus on self-driving is just one try to keep Tesla interesting, and justify the valuation of the company, which is at least 10-20 times too high.

  2. Elon Musk just talks away LIDAR, thats just because their cars are not equipped with them. Tesla is doomed, of course it is valuable to have 3D information (distance) instead of just cameras with 2D pictures that Tesla has. Tesla is really doomed as a compoany unforteonately. Musk just tries to talk up the stock as much as he can.

  3. Well that was anticlimactic.

    Here's the computer.

    It has redundancy.

    And can use models to see its surroundings.

    And update its model via the net.

    And send specific data for edge cases and missclassification examples of the model.

  4. I love driving – its like meditation for me. I don't want anyone or anything to drive me around.

    But if self driving cars means I can get hammered after work now and then and still get home in my own car…I guess it could be useful. I guess.

  5. Ladar is DOOMED lmao GO TESLA! Why is ladar doomed? Because we don’t drive shooting lasers out of heads.. we drive with our eyes. Gg no re boiiiii

  6. Musk’s LiDAR comment just seemed moronic.
    Looks like he does not want to acknowledge that Tesla does not use superior sensors because of cost-cutting…

  7. 3 Qs…..Is Tesla using its customers as data gathers for future products
    …………Will a 2020 autonomous tesla taxi be able to get me home, from say , my local city,. (Plymouth uk) to my village, i very much doubt it will be able to manage that.
    ………..When will Tesla be able to make a wheel arch from one pressing not 16 different parts?

  8. I trust myself more than just about anyone behind the wheel. I drive safe, have excellent reaction time, never panic, have never hit anything in 30 years, and I just feel I'm still better than the best AI. Now, thats me and a percentage of other drivers. But at least 50% of people can't drive and are a danger to everyone else and the AIs would probably do a much better job than them. This is still in its infancy after all. I'm really happy though because this could enable young non-drivers to be more free and drive when they are older. Case in point, immigrants who never had a vehicle in their younger years and are afraid to drive might be very happy and safe in fully autonomous vehicles.

  9. I I'm not a licensed certified technician or CPU engineer in school at this point but I do have the longevity made it to immediately brain the full scale updates do the CPU computing processing disk – plate used to mobilize the R/C theory so that competitors have to revise their patents.

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