April 2, 2020

Weird French Computer Games – DOS Nostalgia

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This is the presentation I gave at Long Island Retro Gaming Expo on August 10th, 2019. I was provided with an audio recording which I combined with my slides. Join me as I dive into a little bit of history of French computer games and then show off some of my favorite examples of very French weirdness. /Bon, alors, on commence?/

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21 thoughts on “Weird French Computer Games – DOS Nostalgia

  1. Really nice video. Being Portuguese I’ve played most of the games you presented and I agree most are weird. Regardless, you also have some of the best games ever like Another World, Flashback and LBA (that was criminally underdeveloped in your video). Cheers

  2. I loved the "weird" angle most French games brought to my PC, Amiga & Atari games. Maupiti Island is one I played to an extent, but never finished. Loved the theme tune too… even recorded my own version of it. 🙂 Ween too, another I never finished. Metal Mutant! A "great" game, largely due to the artwork and music. B.A.T…. another I forgot about. Captain Blood!… with its diced-up version of Jean Michel Jarre's "Zoolook" soundtrack. 🙂 Dune, also. Great intro tune, by monsieur Picq, I believe?

  3. It's kind of fascinating because even more popular French games have this kind of weirdness into them, like The Nomad's Soul, Kya, Fuel, Disonhored…

  4. Addy is french?? In Germany, I used to play Addy up until I reached fifth grade. It had an online classroom feature that seemed scary futuristic at the time. Cool presentation! thanks Anatoly!!

  5. For the uninitiated, Leisure Suit Larry was at one point supposed to go to space. It was a cutscene in "Love for Sail" that promised a 1998 release for "Leisure Suit Larry Explores Uranus".

    I for one am thankful they didn't.

  6. 1995 – when Ubisoft stopped ripping people off – HAHA 😉

    But man, I remember a lot of these games from my childhood and teenage years. Didn't know they were all french productions. Most of them were very good too, I loved Heart of Darkness, Another World, Flashback, Alone in the Dark, Megarace etc. Also Dune and Rayman ofc, Goblins was fun too.
    I even still got the Transartica poster 😉 Very nice artwork.

  7. Всегда нравилась рисовка от Silmarils, а геймплей мне больше нравился в Starblade и Ishar. Жаль Transarctica мне тогда не попалась, идея классная.
    Еще этот незабываемый PC speaker в Mach3, в конце восьмидесятых это был просто восторг.

    Игрался сначала на отечественных EC1840 и Искра-1030м, а в 90х уже на XT с EGA.
    Эх, в эпоху развития, когда не было устоявшихся жанров и трендов, порой такие шедевры выходили, а французы были с наиболее творческим и необычным подходом, каждая игра маленькая вселенная и произведение искусства.. Это вам не современный конвейер от Ubisoft.

  8. The video gave me some strong Ashens vibes. Great work!) Actually I had an idea to record Dune intro into GIFs and make some kind of screensaver.

  9. Alone in the Dark and Dune: one of the most epic games of all times. 🙂

    Lost Eden was also very nice. Goblins was fantastic, insane humor. 😀 Another World and Flashback were also very cool. 🙂

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