April 7, 2020

What If All Computers Turned Off At The Same Time?

What If All Computers Turned Off At The Same Time?
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the What If All Computers Turned Off At The Same Time? #Whatif #Computers #Animation

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32 thoughts on “What If All Computers Turned Off At The Same Time?

  1. As far as I’m aware the y2k bug which was a minor issue “for who didn’t have the patch installed” wouldn’t of simply shut down computers of all types i don’t even think it effected the software used for these things it was a windows issue and the main issue i know of is that it could of effected the financial/stock market systems.
    The effect was the date changing from the highest available date to the to lowest.
    It probably wouldn’t of done anything other then leave you with the wrong date for personal computers.
    Things like airplanes and nuclear reactors use specialty software not windows.
    Also even fairly modern planes can be controlled without power to glide to the ground.
    There systems are typically hydraulic with essentially power steering.
    That does exclude some new designs that have the hydraulics controlled directly by computer systems.
    And as far as I’m aware nuclear reactors have manual backup systems to shut down the reactor.
    Chernobyl’s biggest issue was a mix of lack of training/safety standards combined with the epitome of government stupidity on the reactor design “to save costs they used the”almost” worst possible material to build parts of it “flammable””.

    Added the “almost” because on second thought i didn’t want to underestimate human stupidity.

  2. You sensationalized this. The Nuclear Power plants of the world are build in such a way that if power is lost they will auto shutdown on there own without power or a computer to control them.

  3. Reactors don't overheat when they have a melt down the fuel melts through the bottom. Chernobly's "explosion" was due to other factors caused as a result of this but this isn't guaranteed to happen during a meltdown

  4. A lot of this information is incorrect or only half-truths. For example, Y2K bug did cause a lot problems, though not to the extent the media outlets were over-hyping the risk. For example, radiation-monitoring equipment failed at a nuclear power plant in Japan, along with a radiation alarm going off in another. Another is, 154 incorrect medical risk assessments for pregnant women in the UK for Down syndrome lead to two abortions, this was directly linked to the Y2K bug.

  5. Both without technology humans would thrive and start regaining naturally lost intelligence we'd grow more reliable and less lazy.

  6. Without, man made it just fine before we had computers . Think back to th3 40's , 50's though the 70's , we were just fine ! If the computers shut off think of how many people would kill themselves !!

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