December 7, 2019

WHAT Is This Thing On My Computer?

1:37 – Windows Tricks
4:13 – Linux Tricks
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42 thoughts on “WHAT Is This Thing On My Computer?

  1. I went through this on my Asus M2N-Sli Deluxe motherboard.
    Something kept showing up in device manager as 'Texas Instruments'.
    After many (many) hours of it bothering me I figured out it was the firewire port controller.

    Never did get a driver that worked with XP for it. Oh well.

  2. So the Matrox G200 is still in new systems! I left a number of comments mentioning this was true as of the past few years but it's good to know ol' reliable is still around. The ATI Rage 128 is/was another server standard.

  3. If your Linux machine keeps crashing with a Kernel stack error. Is there any way to fix it without reinstalling the system all over again? I'm trying to set up a CCTV system out of an old PC . I got it so everything works and is recording. Then a couple of days or a week later it crashes with a kernel stack error. Nothing works until you reinstall the operating system and drivers again. It's like the operating system deleted itself.

  4. If everybody knew this, those terrible spyware-filled driver locator and updater softwares wouldn't exist. Linux really spoils us (unless it doesn't work at all)

  5. I always just copy the hardware ID into Google and usually get the info pretty quick. Either way it's handy to know there is a dedicated site for it.

    Also.. your screen capture is a tad crusty Wendell

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