January 28, 2020

What's the Difference Between Monitors and TVs?

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Monitors and TVs are strikingly similar these days – but have they become interchangeable, or are there still important differences between them?

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25 thoughts on “What's the Difference Between Monitors and TVs?

  1. Funny, I just looked very intensively and found PC monitors are largely inferior to TVs. I wanted so much for it not to be true, but black/gray uniformity is consistently mediocre on monitors. Also the resolutions and sizes are stupid. 2560×1440 @ 27" or you can just keep stretching that resolution up to larger size monitors. Then 4K monitors are so often some stupidly small size like 24 or 27" where the insane pixel density seems wasted since it's highly unlikely most buying them are doing print work. Sure, the refresh rates are high and input lag is low but there are good TVs that offer that as well.

    Color accuracy is far worse on monitors made these days than it used to be, or I guess TVs have just gotten way better. Go take a look at RTINGS, out of the box TVs are often quite good and when calibrated are exceptional. This is true for a monitor too, but limited only by the panel. Manufacturers seem to have focused on making TVs great and decided monitors are just for high refresh rate and made to be smaller and sit on a desk. I wish there were better 32" 4K options for monitors but they seem quite lacking and high cost for what you get.

  2. I quit using a monitor when i got a HDMI capable video card an now I use my TV as my PC Monitor! I game on my PC and have no issue at all using my TV, I never noticed any difference between the old style Monitor VS my 50in HDTV.

  3. I'm using tvs currently. Amazon said they wouldn't ship the monitors i wanted to my area so the next available ones blew my budget for a pc build. Ended up with a set of tvs. In addition to being cheaper, the next difference i notice (and really hate) is being bound to a remote controls to turn the tvs on. It also took slight tinkering to get the image quality to look correct. I don't recommend if you can afford the monitors, but tvs do make a decent cheap alternative.

  4. A TV can Motion smooth my 24 fps up to 200+HZ also the resolution scaling is not a 1:1 for a TV It actually fits the screen and makes any low res picture still really crisp … this also applies for console. Compared to a monitor where everything looks like shit … even colours… I swear i needed Low HDMI blacks and allot of adjusting to get even some shitty deep colours.

    144hz rate and 1ms? For what a PC of 1400$? Since hitting such frames are for serious expensive rigs… I can safely say a TV is worth your money more then a monitor lol

  5. Easy, if you got pc go for monitor and if u got console go fo tv as it will be very comfortable to play and soooo muchf fun

  6. A normal consumer should get 100$ projector of 12000 lumens. The one I use can be used as both, is compact, portable and image quality is great between 60” to 100”. It also has built in wifi, SD slot, 2 USB port, HDMI, VGA, built in speaker, you could also Headphones, external speakers, microphone. And it also supports casting for both iOS and Android. It super easy to use. I use it as a display for my raspberry pi 3 and also as a display for my PS4. I don’t have subscription for TV channels to watch TV shows but since it has built in wifi I could use it to watch Netflix, YouTube, etc even without having to connect it to anything.

  7. I know this is an old video but I think this is really cool that you're advertising team which has been my phone carrier for going on three years now love them

  8. Jesus no wonder I got screwed on 3 different tv's and all my games felt like I was swimming against currents of water. Guess gaming on a conventional tv is idiotic in this day and age.

  9. for office like aplications, watching tutorials while doing them, allowing you to have 2 or even more aplications in 1 screen while stil being clearly vissable i honestly prefer a 55inch tv screen over having 2 monitors

    i see how there inferior for gamers

  10. I'm a bit confuse at 1:20 . You are highlighting the response time , but your explanation is actually the definition for input lag , it supposed to be 2 diff things.

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