December 10, 2019

Who has the Best PC at LTT??

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Who has the best PC setup at LMG? These guys compete for Cash and Hardware!

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40 thoughts on “Who has the Best PC at LTT??

  1. 200 fucking motherfuckig dollars for that desk computer! i work 40 plus hours a week and have to save for a year to build my rig if im lucky il have 4g for it by 2021 and this fat weirdo fuckhead pays 200 for all that im done ! im quieting my job and moving in with my mom fuck it

  2. Can you runner up Prize Jake a clothing hamper, and some decent furnature? You know something that make his room more appealing to girls so he will finally move out of his mom's house! Also…. is nothing you can do to help Johnno out… Just give up…. He is married to his dog..

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