April 4, 2020

Zapp – Computer love 1985 (Virus Mix)

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49 thoughts on “Zapp – Computer love 1985 (Virus Mix)

  1. farther I remember this in Jr high yeah he did every class yeah lol lol he would let me wear his jacket and say it makes him when thinking of me I'm miss u yeah I know

  2. Firme homes 💯💯 love listening to these crazy rolas with da lowridah and mi hyna en la passenger seat homie 🔥 stay rollin up foo brown pride in prpud 🔥

  3. This song came out when I first enter the world now I'm 36 I met my love on the computer on a 3d chat called imvu he's from Chicago and we're still together hope your resting well Roger love this song

  4. Greetings! & Salute… Da Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc… We've all fell for the okie doke & became Slaves to thy computer technologies… = "Matrix"… We don't even call on thine Lord God of Host thine POWER, anymore… We call on Alexa, & that's a damn shame… Can it heal me of my sickness. Can it fix a broken heart. Can it give me peace & night. Can it move any of my mountains… Can it get me thru thine lonely, raining days & nights… Can it get me into thy heaven gates… But it can only lead me to hell… Shalawam

  5. 私の若いときのミュージックですが、スティビィーワンダーを真似たこの曲大好きです。upありがとうございます。

  6. Depois me aparecem uns MC´s de merda no Brasil falando que cantam FUNK….se soubessem o que realmente é FUNK ORIGINAL não faziam estas merdas que só colocam as mulheres como objeto sexual, Sem conteúdo nenhum, e a nova geração fica dando ibope para estes caras que na maioria das vezes querem ser MC´s mas não sabem nem o que é uma nota musical….Graças a Deus eu conheci a verdadeira música antes de alguém estragar tudo.

  7. This song is like its current ive been dating using the 💻 Facebook messenger only my digital love 😂 he requested me from out of now where said he loves 😔 me digital dating only he is my 💻 love I listen to this, almost everyday we been dating for 8 months online nothing else never met him only digital love it took me 8 months to realise I do kind of love 😮 him from the 💻 He's my digital love 😂 💔 he says he has a girl something like that I felt some type of way deep down inside when he broke 😨 it to me I felt he had someone else when he was less into our 📥 digital dating he ignores my in boxes so I guess my 💻 love 😵 over I never got a chance to meet Him in person I wonder if I ever will I've 😢been in tears over my 💻 love we have digital 😘 He's the type of guy you can Talk to about anything I feel him as my strength. But, in reality he just my, 💻 love I'm Waiting on the day he will delete me and we will never chat again😢😢😢so far he has not😢It took me 8 months to realize I don't want to loose him I miss his friendship I guess its the other lady u guess you can fall for a 💻 love a digital 😘

  8. This group were time travelers and they went back in time and found out about online dating and they sand beautifully about online dating without even online dating existing 😭👊

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